How to Properly Cut a Cake at Your Wedding

Cutting a cake can be a tricky task. You want to make sure each slice looks perfect, and that there’s enough for everyone.

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If you’re planning to have a cake at your wedding, it’s important to know the proper etiquette for cutting and serving it. This tradition adds a touch of elegance and makes for an amazing photo opportunity. Whether you opt for a small or large cake, it’s crucial to properly measure the cake before cutting. This will help ensure that everyone gets a slice they enjoy.

It’s best to cut the cake before dinner, but this is not always possible depending on your guests’ schedule and preference. Some couples opt to cut the cake after dinner, allowing their catering team to serve the cake while guests finish eating. This is also a good idea for couples who do not want to waste the top tier of their cake.

The couple should stand slightly in front of the cake and have their hands together, with him holding the knife and her hand placed over his. Then, the groom should gently lift a piece of the cake onto his plate and give it to the bride. Some couples like to feed each other during the process. The cake should be displayed prominently throughout the reception, but can be brought into a central location for the cutting ceremony. Then, it can be moved again for the first dance. This is the ideal way to display the cake and make sure it’s seen by as many guests as possible.


It’s important to accurately measure ingredients when making a cake. This will ensure that your cake turns out the way that the recipe calls for. You can also avoid wasting ingredients by following the principle of “mise en place,” which is the French term for having all of your ingredients pre-measured before you begin cooking. This will save you time, money and a lot of wasted motion.

If your cake has tiers, make sure to remove them before cutting the cake. In addition to preventing the layers from collapsing, this will also help you make clean, even slices. In addition, you’ll want to keep a couple of paper towels nearby to wipe the knife between cuts. This will prevent crumbs from falling onto the cake and smearing frosting or buttercream across it.

When cutting a cake, it’s best to use a long serrated knife. This will give you the most accurate and beautiful slices. If your cake is round, start with a line about two inches from the edge. This will provide you with enough slices to serve six to eight guests.

If your cake is a different shape, you can still use this method by starting at the outside ring of the circle and working inward. A simple grid pattern like this can yield more servings than a circular cut, and it’s easy to follow.

Cutting the cake

Cutting the cake is an important moment for any wedding. It is a symbol of love and good fortune and is the first time that the couple shares their dessert together. This is why it is important to make sure the cake is cut in a way that will give everyone enough to enjoy. A good way to do this is to score a line on top of the cake before cutting it completely. This will help you to be more precise with your measurements, ensuring that each slice is equal in size.

To start, measure two inches in from the edge of the cake. Then, make a perpendicular cut into the cake. This will create a “heel” of cake, which you can give to guests who love lots of frosting. Continue making these perpendicular cuts until you have the number of slices that you want to serve.

A knife with a thin blade is the best tool for the job. Although every wedding film has you think that a big straight carving knife pressed down is the right way, research (yes, real science) has found that a small serrated knife (like one you’d use to cut tomatoes) works better, as it acts more like a saw and gives a cleaner cut.

Before you start slicing, run your knife under warm water and dry it off before you begin. This will prevent the frosting from smearing as you cut it.

Taking the cake

The traditional cake cutting ceremony involves the bride and groom feeding each other a small bite of their wedding cake. This is a symbolic act that signifies the groom’s promise to provide for his new wife and to take care of her. Unfortunately, this tradition can lead to some unpleasant situations if the couple doesn’t agree on the way they should feed each other. For example, some couples might grind the cake into each other’s faces instead of gently feeding them a bite. This can be very unsanitary and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

For best results, start with a clean knife and cut into even slices. Make sure to wipe the blade between each slice and briefly soak and dry it in water between cuts. This will remove crumbs and frosting from the blade and prevent the cake from smearing. It’s also important to keep the cake cool to avoid over-baking it and getting the texture wrong.

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